Virtute Naturae

Our values

Think about your plans for the day with breakfast, discuss the news at lunchtime, chat quietly over snacks, or review, during dinner, everything that happened on your big day.
For us it all starts with sharing all these moments and stories at your side, as always, at your table.

Amamos lo que hacemos
We love
what we do

You only do well what you do with love. This is our motto to make the best artisanal products.

Cuidamos el medio ambiente
We take care
of the environment

At Virtute Naturae, our commitment to healthy food is the same as it is to the environment.

100% naturales

Our artisanals products are made from elements of our beloved mother nature.

Hecho en el Emporda
in l’ Empordà

We are proud to make a product with raw materials from our land, thus promoting the local market.

You already know our values, now know our products

We take care of the environment like yours